Warranty Information

New Home Construction

Live!Builders protects your new home to be free from defects in workmanship and material for at least one year, depending on the category. If a defect occurs in any item covered by our warranty, Live! Builders will repair or replace the item to meet or exceed the quality standards as stated in our Warranty Manual.


10 Year Protection

  1. Roof Framing
  2. Load-Bearing Walls
  3. Beams
  4. Columns
  5. Foundation
  6. Floor Framing


2 Year Protection

  1. Supply Piping
  2. Waste Piping
  3. Ductwork
  4. Electrical Wiring

Workmanship: 1 Year Protection

1. Roof Covering​
2. Plumbing Fixtures
3. Cabinets
4. Countertops
5. Door Panels
6. Exterior Siding
7. Hardwood Floor
8. Lighting Fixtures
9. Ceramic Tile
10. Drywall
11. Interior Trim
12. Carpet
13. Paint